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Healthy Brown Rice Spaghetti with Asparagus & Mushroom

Hi guys! I'm popping in really quick today to share a pasta thats been my go-to as of late. It certainly isn't a ground-breaking recipe. I mean, it's just an asparagus and mushroom pasta. Easy peasy right? Right!

But I felt compelled to share it because sometimes we can forget that eating healthy can be super simple and tasty. Sometimes I find myself trying to make elaborately healthful meals at dinnertime, after a long day of work, and really it just exhausts/frustrates me more than anything. 

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Simple Veggie Penne Pasta


I've got a new one for you guys, and I think you're going to like it. 

This recipe was crafted over the course of many hours. I spent days testing different spices and veggie combos, sweat, tears, dedication... yeah, no. I'm TOTALLY KIDDING. This recipe came about one afternoon when I was in a rush to make lunch. I threw everything I had on hand into one skillet and prayed for the best.

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