Cartagena, Colombia...


Holy wow, Cartagena was a dream!

This Caribbean city is seriously like a fairy-tale. I mean, if you're looking for a town to charm your freaking pants off, this is it. 

Imagine a town with every street as colorful and alluring as the ones in these pictures. Most of which are bustling with people, from all walks of life, doing what it is they do. There are common gathering areas ever few blocks or so, that are home to food and beer vendors (score) during the day and lovers, socialites, and musicians come nightfall. All enjoying the music, laughing, and passing around bottles (most likely of rum ;)

The people are beyond friendly here. Cartagena is on the Caribbean side and the lifestyle is just as you would imagine it to be. Easy, breezy, laid back... that "live and let live" kind of mentality. Which is such a nice change of pace from here in LA and America in general. My only advice is if you're in a hurry and going to a restaurant, let the server know. Otherwise you will definitely be there for two hours, haha!

While the people are laid back, they certainly know how to party. We were out until 4 or 5 a.m. every night that we were there. I probably burned 3,000 calories from salsa dancing every night. Which by the way, dance parties gather randomly in the streets here. I can't make this up. It's so awesome. 

The food was s'good. I probably ate my weight in pasta and yucca root empanadas. Hand squeezed juices galore, fruit carts everywhere, and young coconut stands on every corner. 

Aside from everything I just told you, I love this city because of it's distinct culture. Cartagena is 500 years old. That is incredible. For perspective, the United States is a little over 200 years old. 

I have never been anywhere like this, and I would more than recommend this place to anyone. Just get a lot of rest and hydrate prior to going, because you're going to party your butt off!

Have you guys been to Cartagena? Where else would you recommend we go in Colombia? Let me know below!

xo - cort