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Festive Summer Fruit Salad

The Fourth of July is next week and I am SO EXCITED! It's definitely one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. And I especially love when it falls on a weekday, because hellooo extra time off work! ;)

We love riding our bikes on the beach bike path here during the summer. We will stop and have lunch and drinks at different places, hang at the beach for a few hours, and then catch the sunset on our ride home. It's my favorite way to spend the day. And it's probably what we will end up doing all next weekend for the 4th!

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7-Ingredient Pancakes from Scratch

Confession: mornings are really hard for me. I don't wake up easily, I'm almost always grumpy, and I definitely don't function at 100%... More like 17.5%, actually. 

Breakfast has always been a half-a*s meal for me. Because, you know, making food requires effort and stuff. *eye-roll emoji*

With that being said, I need to tell you that these pancakes are so good, they can make even the most non-morning person (me) crack a smile before 9 a.m. They are THAT good. 

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