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Pomegranate Avocado Toast

Can you guys believe its almost Thanksgiving? I mean wow. Time is just FLYING and 2016 has been, well... interesting. To say the least. For all of us. But as the year winds down and the holidays come around, I say we embrace these last few weeks of the year and make the most of them!

Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday. Obviously I love to cook and be in the kitchen. And to spend my day cooking, being around family, and sipping wine... to me that is perfection. 

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Blueberry Breakfast Muffins (Vegan & Gluten-Free!)

Before diving into this post, can we just all agree that a warm, moist blueberry muffin ranks very high on the list of simple life pleasures? Like, for reals. 

I'm not really a muffin person, to be honest. Especially for breakfast. I tend to reach for the savory items rather than the sweet. HOWEVER, if there is a nice looking blueberry muffin lying around, I'm going for it. 

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Beetroot Hummus Bruschetta

Do you guys remember that one song "Showstopper" by Danity Kane? It was like the best song ever to get ready to back in the day! Am I right? I'm right. 

I sing that song to myself every time I'm eating beet hummus, and I definitely hum the tune in my head when I see it at the grocery. Because HELLO! Beet hummus is a total show stopper. 


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Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

Have you guys tried chocolate chia seed pudding yet? If not, I give you permission to just scroll straight to the recipe card and get to making this stuff stat.

... But then come back cause I want to hang out with you guys.

So this chocolate chia seed pudding has saved my life lately. I've suddenly developed this crazy craving for desserts, which is weird for me because I've never had a sweet tooth before. I don't mind it really, but you can't eat ice cream sandwiches and rice pudding everyday (guilty) and not get a little extra junk in the trunk. (Unfortunately) 

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