Chocolate Cookie Dough Cups

I am going to kick this week off with some cookie dough goodness. Care to join? 

Yeah, I figured. Let's do this. 

So I'm super into cookie dough. Chocolate chip cookie dough is probably my favorite, but I don't like to discriminate too much. Any kind of cookie dough will do. Especially if it's COVERED in melted dark chocolate. Which is what were doing here today.


These bites are s'good. You will not want to share. But you should share them, because sharing is caring. And also - HELLO - Valentines Day is this weekend and I think your valentine will love you forever if you make them these. 


The cookie dough is made with cream cheese (vegan, of course) and I found this to really be a game changer. It really makes the texture fluffy and smooth. Plus, it's super yum. I used the Daiya brand cream cheese and I was happy with it. If you aren't into the whole cream cheese scene, try this cookie dough instead. 

Obviously I covered the cookie dough bites entirely with chocolate. But make these your own! You could lightly drizzle them with chocolate. Dunk them in chocolate and sprinkle some shredded coconut on top... Whatever your heart desires. 

Make these for you and/or your boo this weekend for Valentines. Or make them tonight, I support that too. Enjoy!!

xo, cort