Hello Harvest...

HOLY WOW! It's been a hot minute since I've posted. I've missed you guys! How are ya? Enjoying summer? Any vacay's coming up? TELL ME EVERYTHING.

I'm so glad to be back and today I'm sharing a recent LIFE CHANGING discovery: HOME DELIVERED GROCERIES. (I need to chill with the uppercase, my bad).

Okay, no but really - I discovered a company called Hello Harvest about a month or so ago, and I just have to say... I am obsessed

coupon code: ProjectSunny

Obviously I knew home delivery service for groceries was a thing, but I didn't realize just how awesome it really is. 

Hello Harvest delivers local produce from organic, sustainable farms. Honestly, the produce they select is top notch and you can tell a HUGE difference between their fruits and veggies and the kind you will find at a grocery store. 

-> Click here to see DELIVERY ZONES.

You can get the boxes delivered monthly or bi-weekly. Seriously each delivery is like Christmas, HAHA! 

Check them out guys. See what they're all about. If you live in one of their delivery zones I definitely recommend ordering their service... It will change your life FOR REALS.

Enter the coupon code ProjectSunny to get 25% off on your first delivery!