Spring Essentials for the Beach Bum + DIY Fruit Plate

Holy moly it's springtime, people! Seriously, hallelujah, because my paleness was REAL.

I always find this time of year so exciting and motivating. You get to look forward to beach days, sunny vacations, BBQ's, and the best part - longer days! Hopefully longer days means more time for me to recover from the winter paleness ;)

Anyway! If you're currently gearing up for a sun-filled spring break, or any tropical vacay for that matter, let me introduce you to some essentials that I am loving right now!

BEACH BAG. If you're going to be by the beach/in water/near sand/yadda, yadda... then you NEED this Sakroots XLG tote. I love this bag at the beach because you can get the outside wet and it won't effect your things inside the bag. Also, sand brushes RIGHT OFF. It also comes with a cute matching pouch that you can store all of the important things in, like your keys, wallet, phone, etc.. love, love, love!

COMFY SHOES. All beaches are different, but here in Cali there is so. much. beach. Like, you have to tread a whole lot of sand to make it down to the water. Trust me, sandals are not ideal when crossing that much hot sand. These Espadrille's by Sakroots are the best for that! Plus they are super cute to throw on with a sundress to wear going out after the beach! 

H20 & SNACKS. Let me be mom for a minute, k thanks... Don't forget food and lots and lots of water! The sun is draining and you might not notice it because of the beach breeze. So get a super cute water bottle and be sure to sip all day. Also, you and your BFF's can make this super cute fruit plate. Just pack some chopped fruit and an old cutting board (perhaps in your XLG tote?), ta-da!

SUNSCREEN. Am I being mom again? Yes, I like to tan but I also like to do it safely and slowly. Nobody likes a sunburn. Plus sun = wrinkles. So keep the sun off your face and wear a cute hat. 

All of these items will fit into your tote, so no excuses!! Pack smart and have fun! 

I love brands that give back and Sakroots is one of them! Each print supports a different charity, and their spring break line (so colorful!) supports various nature and music charities. Find out more here

Also keep an eye out for a giveaway of one of their products on my Instagram next week! 

xo - cort

*This post brought to you by Sakroots. All opinions are my own.