Stop Wasting Your Time: 3 Actions To Increase Productivity


You guys know I love a good ramble sesh here, but since the theme of today’s post is cutting the bullsh*t and increasing productivity - I’m just gonna jump right into it!

I recently celebrated my 29th birthday. (Not sure where the time went, but here we are…)

And as I get older, I’ve noticed myself becoming more and more selfish (in a good way) about a lot of things, but mostly about my time.


I’ve been working on how to be more conscious about time and how to really maximize it every single day. And since you’re here, reading this, I’m assuming you have some interest in doing the same.

Here are three actions that will increase productivity and help you make the most of your own time.

You can start implementing them today!



Seriously. Stop.

I know that it’s addicting.

It’s so easy to roll over and reach for your phone. You want to find out what happened in the world while you were sleeping. Any big news on Twitter? Any crucial emails that need immediate response? Well, I might as well just scroll instagram, but only for 5 minutes… (we all know how that goes).

Before you know it - you’ve wasted 20, 30, 40 minutes… maybe even an hour(!!)… of your day just scrolling on your phone! That’s insane. But it can happen so easily. Time passes fast while you’re in the black hole of distraction that is your phone.

Best way to avoid wasting even one minute on your phone? Stop checking it when you wake up.

Things you can do instead of checking your phone: You could actually get out of bed lol. You could go make yourself some lemon water or coffee. Take your morning shower. Walk the dog. Write down your to-do list and intentions for the day…

All of the “urgent” things on your phone can wait, I promise. And once you’ve mastered the art of not checking your phone first thing in the morning- you are going to realize how much time you’re getting back!

Action #2: REPLACE


Listen - I’ve had my fair share of Taylor Swift car concerts, okay. I love music. But what I love even more is making the most of my time.

That’s why I’ve replaced listening to music with listening to podcasts.

And to be clear: I’m talking about podcasts that bring me real value. That teach me and expand my mind.

There is an abundance of FREE knowledge at our finger tips these days. How insane is it that you can spend your time learning from top athletes, motivational speakers, billionaires, CEOs, doctors… IT’S VERY INSANE! And awesome, of course! But to not make the most of this wealth of information is a total waste.

The best part is you can do this passively. I listen while I cook, while I get ready for work, while I walk the dog, on my commute to work, and even at the gym.

(I do listen to about 30 minutes of music a day - when I’m trying to push through the tough part of my workout haha).

So why not swap the same 15 songs you listen to over and over again, and start using that time to learn!?

Here are some podcasts I love: Joe Rogan, Tim Ferris, Beyond Influential, The Skinny Confidential, Gary Vee, Plant Proof, Tony Robbins, & Melissa Ambrosini.


When you’re winding down at night, take 5 minutes to create a list of intentions for the following day.

I like to physically write them out with pen and paper but you can also write them in your notes on your phone.

What this does for me personally, is organizes my thoughts, and allows me to wake up with purpose and take action.

If you wake up and you have 0964749 things to do on your mental checklist - there’s a strong possibility that you’re going to get overwhelmed and not get everything (or anything!) done. We’ve all been there. This is a time waste.

When you create a list of intentions, you wake up and know: okay today I am going to focus on A,B, & C and this is how I’m going to do it. Suddenly that “to-do” list is much less daunting and actually becomes achievable.

It also saves your mind from racing while you’re trying to fall asleep at night! Everyone knows that writing out your thoughts before bed is a great way to turn the brain off.

Am I making sense here? I’ve had a lot of coffee you guys.



Seriously. I hate to get all deep on you - but you only have one life. And you owe it to yourself to make the absolute most out of it!

I hope these three actions can help you save time and become a better version of yourself.

Ill be back with more recipes this week ;)

chat soon - cort xoxo

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