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Healthy Loaded Sweet Potatoes with Garlic Aioli Sauce

Despite having a food blog, I'm actually fairly lazy in the kitchen. 

Like I enjoy to cook. A lot. It makes me really happy. But if the recipe has 20 ingredients and requires more than an hour of my time, definitely do not sign me up. Ain't nobody got time (or patience) for that. 

I like to keep things simple. And that's why these loaded sweet potatoes and I get along so well.

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Teriyaki Tofu Bowls with Cilantro & Lime Rice

I am a long-time supporter of teriyaki sauce, you guys. 

You can put teriyaki on just about anything and it is instantly darn delicious. You guys agree with me here, don't you? Like I feel like everyone on the planet loves teriyaki? 

You have to love it though, right? How couldn't you? It's sweet, its savory. It's tangy, it's salty. It's got the perfect consistency thing going on. It pairs well with almost anything really. Yeah, it's the best.

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Healthy Brown Rice Spaghetti with Asparagus & Mushroom

Hi guys! I'm popping in really quick today to share a pasta thats been my go-to as of late. It certainly isn't a ground-breaking recipe. I mean, it's just an asparagus and mushroom pasta. Easy peasy right? Right!

But I felt compelled to share it because sometimes we can forget that eating healthy can be super simple and tasty. Sometimes I find myself trying to make elaborately healthful meals at dinnertime, after a long day of work, and really it just exhausts/frustrates me more than anything. 

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Simple Veggie Penne Pasta


I've got a new one for you guys, and I think you're going to like it. 

This recipe was crafted over the course of many hours. I spent days testing different spices and veggie combos, sweat, tears, dedication... yeah, no. I'm TOTALLY KIDDING. This recipe came about one afternoon when I was in a rush to make lunch. I threw everything I had on hand into one skillet and prayed for the best.

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Healthy Portobello Mushroom Burger

Have you ever had a portobello mushroom burger? If so, you probably know that it is SUPER delicious. If you haven't had the chance to try it yet, go ahead and scroll to the bottom of this post, print the recipe, and get on it right now! Because you're missing out big time, my friend.

Basically a mushroom burger is when you use a thick portobello mushroom instead of a patty. Genius right? 

If you know me, or follow my Instagram, you know how much I love my sandwiches/veggie burgers. #favoritefood

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