Five New Year's Resolutions & A Few Christmas Vacay Pics

2017 was such a crazy year! I honestly can't believe it's over but I am so so excited for 2018. 

I'm usually not one of those "new year, new me" people, but this year I totally am lol. 2017 was a hectic year... we lived in an actual construction zone while renovating our house for about 8-9 months. Yes, it is as exhausting as it sounds! Haha. But honestly the renovation took so much time and energy, a lot of other things fell to the wayside.

We still have more work to do on the house. A lot of work actually haha. But for now it can wait.... and OH MAN, am I ready to direct my time and energy to other things in 2018!

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Life Without a Kitchen...

So here's a fun fact: I don't have a kitchen. Like not even a little bit of a kitchen.

No fridge, no stove, no counters, no cabinets... no floors. LOL. 


*side note: when I say I, I actually mean we. We as in me and my (new!!) fiancรฉ, Dave. He and I live together and we share in these kitchen-less days. 

So yeah. We don't have a kitchen.

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Cartagena, Colombia...

Holy wow, Cartagena was a dream!

This Caribbean city is seriously like a fairy-tale. I mean, if you're looking for a town to charm your freaking pants off, this is it. 

Imagine a town with every street as colorful and alluring as the ones in these pictures. Most of which are bustling with people, from all walks of life, doing what it is they do. There are common gathering areas ever few blocks or so, that are home to food and beer vendors (score) during the day and lovers, socialites, and musicians come nightfall. All enjoying the music, laughing, and passing around bottles (most likely of rum ;)

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Road Trippin' Up the Pacific Coast

We spent the week of New Year's road tripping up the pacific coast. It's a trip we have been dying to do and were so excited to finally have time to make it happen. 

We rented a car, loaded it up, and headed straight for the Pacific Coast Highway! 

Obviously home (LA) was our starting point. Our final destination was Seattle. Those were our only solid plans. The in-between we would figure out as we go.

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