Early Fall Pinspo...

Happy fall, guys! 

It's still pretty warm here in LA, but it's almost October and I for reals cannot contain my excitement for the fall season!

I think I've come to realize that it is indeed my favorite time of the year. You really just can't beat the coziness of it! Comfort foods, sweaters/scarves/boots, camping, the DECOR. It's just the best!

I am going to start working on decorating our home this weekend and I wanted to share some on the inspiration I pulled from Pinterest incase you were planning on doing the same.

For early fall, I'll keep the decor light and bright. Whites, browns, light oranges, light blues.. you get the drift! I'll move to more bold colors towards the end of October!

I'll keep you posted on how my place turns out ;)

Cortney SeaverComment