Farmers Market Essentials


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Hi guys! 

Today I wanted to share some early fall farmers market essentials/inspiration with you!

There is nothing better than going to the market early on a chilly Saturday morning, coffee in hand, and feeling cute and comfy. 

Unfortunately for me, it's still 100 degrees here in SoCal. *Rolling eyes* 

But I am not giving up hope that fall will show up any day now. C'MONNNNN!

I love, love, love carrying a burlap or linen tote with me incase I decide to load up on goods, plus they are super convenient to carry flowers in, should you buy yourself some (YOU SHOULD BUY YOURSELF SOME).

And yes - I do still write my grocery list/checklists on a notepad, because I get major satisfaction from crossing things off of it. Plus they are a lot cuter than the "notes" application on my phone. 

Check out your local farmers market this weekend! It is therapeutic, delicious, and you're supporting your local farmers (and paying less than at the grocery store!).

What are your farmers market essentials?! Let me know in the comments below :)