Kitchen Essentials Guide

Since I started food blogging, I have been asked quite frequently about what tools I keep in my kitchen. People usually tend to think that I have an extravagant kitchen loaded with every cooking product under the sun - this could not be further from the truth!

The truth is you don't need a Little Mermaid collection in your kitchen. I prefer to invest in nice tools that I will use often and that will last a long time. And that's what I recommend to anyone who asks my advice on kitchen essentials. 

Whether you're just moving out on your own, just got married, or simply looking to replace your old gadgets (like that hand-me-down blender from 1999… Don't worry, I have one too) I hope this guide will be of some help to you! 

1. Cutting Board - If you're going to invest in a good knife, invest in a nice cutting board. (Here is     a similar style for less). 

2. Colander - A simple stainless colander is a classic. 

3. Chef's Knife - Purchasing an entire knife set is NOT necessary! Invest in a single chef knife and you're good to go. 

4. High Powered Blender - Having a professional grade blender is clutch for making the best smoothies, soups, and sauces. Pulverize that ice!

5. Mini Food Processor - I love my mini processor! I use it the most for sauces and soups because it's small, convenient, and easy to clean. 

6. Measuring Cups - Certainly a necessity in any kitchen when following recipes. 

7. Wooden Spoons - Coordinates with any dish and is a renewable resource. 

8. Cast Iron Skillet -  For all things super flavorful. These will last you a lifetime, get one! This is a set of a dutch oven and skillet that doubles as a lid