Life Without a Kitchen...


So here's a fun fact: I don't have a kitchen. Like not even a little bit of a kitchen.

No fridge, no stove, no counters, no cabinets... no floors. LOL. 


*side note: when I say I, I actually mean we. We as in me and my (new!!) fiancé, Dave. He and I live together and we share in these kitchen-less days. 

So yeah. We don't have a kitchen.

Let me explain.


So about 2 months ago, Dave and I closed on a house(!!!). It needed a little TLC, but it was in our desired neighborhood and close to the beach. So we were beyond pumped and also excited to take on the project.

We actually moved into the house about a month ago. Shortly after that is when we took the sledge hammer to that poor old kitchen. Flash forward a few weeks - some walls are missing, some floor is missing (I'm actually LOL'ing because this sounds so ridiculous out loud), and we've got an empty room that will eventually be a kitchen.

So yes. Right now we do not have a kitchen. But it's all part of the plan. We're excited for the plan. And we are pretty stoked to design our own custom kitchen. Especially for me, it's where I spend all of my time!

In the meantime, we're eating out a lot. Eating lots of fruit, lots of granola bars, lots of boring stuff to be honest. LOL. 

It's a bit of a struggle, but we laugh it off and know that one day we'll look back on this time as sweet memories. 


So yeah. That's why I haven't been posting new recipes for you guys! I have so many ideas for new dishes and can't wait to develop and share them with you! Hopefully soon ;)

It will be so nice to come home from work and be able to cook dinner! Haha! This is my reminder to you to not take the small things for granted, they're actually HUGE things. 

I'll be back with new food for you guys ASAP.

Signing off for now,

Cort xx

Oh, also: soon you will be able to follow along with our home renovations. I'll be sharing everything. You can subscribe here to get updates.