Weekly Swoon: Gold Rush...


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kate spade cooler tote | jojoba oil | gold flatware | maple syrup | copper moscow mugs 

So a few things today guys - I have been going through this phase where I love gold. Typically, I'm all about silver and neutral colors, but lately I've been taking to copper and brass!

I've especially been swooning over matte gold flatware... Although, we just invested in silver flatware only about a year ago. So I'm still working of a justifiable excuse to have both (don't worry, I'm good at that). 

Completely different note - I've given up agave nectar and switched to maple syrup. And boy, do I use it! I even experimented with it in roasting brussels sprouts. It didn't come out super amazing, but there was potential! I'll definitely be sharing that recipe (once perfected) before Thanksgiving for you guys. 

Last thing! I've slowly been switching up the products I use in my cleansing/beauty routine. I'll do a post on those products soon once I've been using them for a bit and can give you full feedback. But one thing I know for sure is that you will love this jojoba oil. You can basically use it in all the same ways you use coconut oil. On your hair, as lotion, as a moisturizer... it's amazing! Try it!