My 10 Grocery List Must-Haves


True Life: I am my happiest in a grocery store. 

I think I should become a personal grocery shopper. I mean, I do live in Los Angeles where a service like that is totally something people would go for. Maybe I'll do it… any takers? I accept American dollars and/or guacamole as compensation.

No, but seriously - I love to grocery shop. It's relaxing to me. And honestly, I'm pretty good at it. I can navigate a grocery store like nobody's business and because I always know exactly what I need, I'm in and out in a jiffy. 


My grocery list must-have items have been pretty consistent for the past two-ish years. These are the items that no matter what, are going in my cart every time I go grocery shopping. My ride or die items!

The reason these foods consistently make the cut is because they make me feel good, they are convenient, and because I personally find them darn delicious. 


1. Bananas:

Bananas are the life line of my smoothies. Even if the only items in your entire kitchen right now were bananas, water, and a blender - you'd still have everything you need to make a pretty tasty smoothie. 

They are also perfect for on the run snacking!

2. Avocados:

I'm pretty sure avocados are a must-have on everybody's list. Because, you know... guacamole. 

I eat avocados on my morning toast, add them to my smoothies, use them in place of condiments on my sandwiches, and even dice them up with some tomatoes, lemon juice, and soy sauce for a light snack. 

3. Seed Bread:

This includes sprouted bread, flax seed bread, and brown rice bread. I am not afraid to stuff my face with some seed bread! I have this in the morning with my #2 must-have to make the ever popular avocado toast. It's also a yummy pre or post workout with some all natural nut butter and banana slices.

4. Spinach:

Spinach is another smoothie staple for me. It's an easy way to pack in and consume large amounts of veggies. Whenever I drink a big green smoothie with lots of spinach I feel amazing afterward. And that's a feeling you will keep coming back to!

I also love sautéed spinach as a super yummy and sophisticated garnish for everyday dinners. 

5. Lemons:

I say this all the time, but I LOVE LEMONS. I drink a glass of warm water and lemon juice first thing every morning for it's detox benefits. I squeeze it in every glass of water I drink throughout the day and in my tea at night. 

I also use it along side olive oil for a nice salad dressing and for cooking my veggies at dinnertime. 

6. Quinoa:

I eat quinoa at least 4-5 times a week. For breakfast, I like to cook quinoa ahead of time and let it cool in the fridge. I then add maple syrup, almond milk and fresh fruit. For lunch, quinoa is perfect (hot or cold) as a way to add some heartiness to your salad. And for dinner, I love to mix quinoa with some sautéed veggies and sauce. Delicious example here

7. Almond Milk: 

I use almond milk in my nighttime tea, smoothies, quinoa/oat bowls, and chia seed pudding. I will also have a small glass if I am eating something sweet or just plain craving it.

Sometimes I will mix it up and get coconut milk instead!

8. Strawberries: 

Strawberries have been a grocery store staple of mine for like, my entire life. I eat them ALL the time. I like them in my oat bowls, smoothies, alone for a healthy snack, and even freeze them in my ice cubes to spice up my everyday water. 

In the summer I will prefer to buy fresh strawberries. In the colder months when they are out of season, I will buy frozen. 

9. Tomatoes:

I eat tomatoes like 3 times a day. I personally think they make everything so much more delicious. I like them on my avocado toast, sandwiches, salads, and in my soups. 

Lately I have been making my own pasta sauce from scratch and I love it! Recipe coming soon, promise.

10. Grapefruit Juice:

Okay, this one is kind of off the wall a bit. But it is one of my must-haves! I started drinking grapefruit juice about two years ago and got addicted.

Everyone knows the perks of grapefruit, like the fact that it burns belly fat, but I personally don't like to actually eat it. The flavor is a bit too much for me to sit down and just have for breakfast. So I prefer to drink it! And I aways feel amazing after. I highly recommend it! 

Tip: buy REAL grapefruit juice. Not the Ocean Breeze type junk that is anything but actual juice. 

Be a smart grocery shopper!!

Really quick - I want to point out a few things that will make your grocery shopping experience even better!

  • Don't shop hungry! For the love of your bank account, do not shop hungry. You will leave with all kinds of nonsense and it will most likely go bad in your fridge, because c'mon, you know you aren't going to really eat 5 pounds of grapes.  
  • Buy a healthy snack or beverage you can consume immediately after leaving the store. I like to buy a juice or some sort of healthy bar that I can enjoy on my way home. Because everyone know's you're going to want to eat something that you just bought. 
  • Bring your own reusable grocery bags. Being green is totally in (as it should be) and bringing your own reusable grocery bags is an awesome way to be eco-friendly. There are some really cute shopping bags out there like this one by Kate Spade.

What are your grocery list must-haves? Let me know in the comments below!