5 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Water & How Technology Can Help You Stay Hydrated

Everyone on the planet knows how important drinking water is to our health. Mostly because it's been shoved into our brains since we were kids how important those 8 glasses a day are. Nothing wrong with the enthusiasm there, since well, hydration is beyond CRUCIAL for optimal health.

But even knowing this information, so many of us struggle with getting the required amount in everyday. 

I am typically very adamant about getting in my 8-10 glasses, but even I have gone an entire day without drinking more than one glass. Tisk, tisk!! Luckily, technology is making hydrating even easier, especially on those kind of days! Don't worry, I'll get to that in just one minute. 

However, I've found that when I am reminded of the awesome benefits of drinking plenty of water, I am more inclined to drink up. Maybe these will motivate you too! 

5 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Water:

1. Water boosts energy levels. Being dehydrated makes you feel fatigued. Water may even be a better pick-me-up than a cup of coffee! Water helps blood transport oxygen and other essential nutrients to your cells, boosting energy levels. 

2. Youthful skin. When you're dehydrated your fine lines and wrinkles become more defined. Drinking water will hydrate and plump up your skin cells, making your skin look younger!

3. Reduce stress levels. If you're dehydrated, you will notice a short attention span, as well as a stressed mind and body. 85% of your brain tissue is made up of water, so to keep calm be sure to sip all day. 

4. Weight loss. When your cells are dehydrated, they cannot create the energy we need to function, so they send "fat signals" to the brain to get more food/nutrients. That means if you're dehydrated, you're prone to eating more unnecessarily. Also, when you're drinking more water, you're more likely to avoid other calorie-dense beverages such as soda or sugary juices.

5. Slow the aging process. This is the most motivating to me! Being dehydrated will literally speed up your aging process. Your body and organs require lots of water to function, when you're constantly dehydrated your entire body has to work very hard to function properly, Which means aging faster. 

Are you motivated yet? Okay, cool. Me too.

So lately I've been using a bottle with a smart lid to track my daily water consumption. And seriously, it's helped SO much. 

This Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid is AWESOME-SAUCE. Similar to how the Fitbit works, the smart lid tracks how much water you consume, helps you to create hydration goals, and sends reminders when you aren't on track. 

How amazing is technology!? 

Your personalized hydration goals will be calculated by entering your age, weight, height, gender, and activity level. The sensor tube inside the bottle tracks the size of each sip, as well as your daily, weekly, and monthly hydration progress. 

Honestly, the smart lid has made drinking water FUN! It's like a game everyday to meet my hydration goals. 

The smart lid is compatible with your iPhone or Fitbit and will automatically update your progress as long as the bottle is within 75 feet of your device. 

Bonus: with the new year right around the corner (CRAZY!), the smart lid would be an amazing tool to help you meet your resolutions! 

Get more info on the product and see the different colors available over on their website -> HERE <-

Are you making sure you're hydrated every day? How could this product help you with your goals? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo - cort