Frozen Spinach Cubes

Frozen spinach cubes are perfect for preserving, cooking, and using in green smoothies. 

There is nothing more frustrating than loading up on fresh produce only for it to spoil before you get the chance to eat it. In a perfect world, we would be able to use all of our produce constantly and in a timely matter. But c'mon, it can be tough!

I knew that I would be traveling quite a bit over the holidays, so before I left for Florida last week, I froze all of the spinach left in my fridge. (This can also be done with kale, collards, herbs, etc). 

What to do with the frozen cubes? SMOOTHIES! Toss 3-4 of these in your morning smoothie. I even prefer the cubes to fresh spinach. 

Stop wasting your produce and freeze it! 


  1. Add as much spinach as desired to your blender. I usually fill my Ninja up about halfway with the leaves packed tightly. Add just enough water to get the blender mixing, about 1/2 a cup for a half full blender. Blend until pureed. 
  2. Pour into an ice cube tray that has a lid and freeze. Done!

Cortney SeaverComment