How to Pick, Prep, and Cut a Pineapple.

Do you know which pineapple to pick at the market? Are you skillfully trained in the art of slicing up pineapple into a beautiful masterpiece to be served in under 30 seconds? You are? Sweet! But incase you could use a little guidance, this post is for you! 

I've been buying whole pineapples and cutting them up myself for a little over a year now. Before that, I was the girl that would buy the pre-cut, pre-packaged, $6 per 1/2 pound of pineapple. Crazy, right? I thought that buying a whole pineapple would be $$$ (three dollar signs on YELP), tricky to cut, and a pain in my you-know-what. I was so wrong and I'll help you see why below... Besides, pineapples look so beautiful sitting in your kitchen!

How to Pick a Pineapple:

Pineapples stop ripening once they are harvested. That means your pineapple is not going to ripen in your window seal after a few days of sunlight. You want to pick a pineapple that is firm, with healthy green leaves and a pretty looking bottom (it should not be rotting/molding). Some people only buy golden pineapples, but a green pineapple does not mean it isn't ripe! This one in my photos is green and it was perfect. 

How to Prep a Pineapple:

Before cutting into your pineapple, stand it upside down for at least a few hours (I do it for a day or so). You can do this buy balancing it on it's leaves if they are strong enough or propping it up between two objects. The juices and sugars in pineapple tend to sink to the bottom, turning it upside down ensures sweetness throughout the entire fruit. 

How to Cut a Pineapple:

Step 1: Slice off top and bottom.

Step 2: Cut into quarters.

Step 3: Remove the core.

Step 4: Cut each quarter in half.

Step 5: Remove skin.

Step 6: Cut into chunks. 


  1. A pineapple left at room temperature will stay good for a few days. It can be stored in the fridge to last longer. 
  2. Slicing and freezing pineapple is great for smoothies, but don't be surprised if t losses some of it's sweetness. 

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